Wednesday, July 05, 2006


(Remove shoes before entering, it is also best to leave bags etc outside.)

Step into the Zendo with the foot nearest the door-hinge and bow in Gassho.

Go to your seat, hands in shashu, without crossing the centre of the room. If you pass the altar, bow.

Bow to cushion or seat in Gassho

Seat yourself facing the wall and adjust the posture.

At the formal start of Zazen a bell will sound three times.

Two bells sound when First Zazen period ends.

Turn clockwise and Stand with hands in Shashu facing left.

Begin Kinhin.

After ten minutes. A bell sounds to end Kinhin. Continue walking in the same direction at normal pace to seat, do not back track.

Face into the room and Gassho together, then be seated. 3 bells will sound.

Final period of zazen ended by a single bell.
(if there is chanting it is carried out now and ended by a bell)

Stand and bow twice in Gassho. First bow to the altar/table, the second bow facing directly into the room to each other. Then a final bow in Shashu, led by the practice leader.
Finally face left and file out of room on sound of bell, hands in shashu.


Terms uses

GASSHO also referred to as Namaste. A bow with palms together.
SHASHU Bring your left thumb to middle of you left palm and close you fist around it, Hold your left hand in front of you and close your right hand over it. Keep elbows extended.
KINHIN Slow, meditative walking with hands in Shashu. Lift foot on in breath and put it down on out breath.


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